W2S2 [kləuðz, kləuz US klouðz, klouz] n [plural]
[: Old English; Origin: clathas, plural of clath; CLOTH]
the things that people wear to cover their body or keep warm
I enjoy shopping for clothes and shoes.
What sort of clothes was he wearing ?
casual clothes
put on/take off clothes
She had a shower and put on clean clothes.
change your clothes/change into clean/dry etc clothes
The kids ran upstairs to change into dry clothes.
work/school etc clothes
men dressed in ordinary street clothes
a clothes shop
a change of clothes atchange2 (6), designer clothes atdesigner2 , ↑plain-clothes
WORD CHOICE: clothes, clothing, garment, cloth
clothes are things that you wear, for example shirts and dresses : I need some new clothes. | Do you ever wear your sister's clothes?
!! clothes is always plural and has no singular form : He was wearing nice clothes (NOT a nice clothe/clothes).
Use clothing to talk about a particular type of clothes or when talking about making or selling clothes : Special protective clothing is worn. | a clothing manufacturer
!! This word is not used much in ordinary spoken language : I went shopping for summer clothes (NOT clothing).
In formal English, you can use garment or piece/item/article of clothing to refer to one thing you wear : a long velvet garment |a discarded article of clothing
But it is more usual to name the particular thing you mean : He was wearing a long coat (NOT long garment) .
Cloth is the material that clothes are made from : a suit made from fine woollen cloth

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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